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What started with an internship at the UW Extension in Madison, WI; grew to being a full stack developer with over 11 years of professional experience. 

My professional life accelerated after I went back to school for programming at Fox Valley Tech in Appleton, WI. My goal was to learn C++ and Java, which led me to rounding out my workload with Visual Basic, html, SQL, XML, Javascript, and PHP. My Java professor was so impressed with my skills he gave me a Python book and asked me to do all my assignments in both languages. 

Before completing my program I landed a web design gig. From there I found myself gravitating to the programming side of things so I freelanced for about 6 years and built up a development portfolio which landed me a job at Webfitters in Green Bay. There I worked as a Senior Developer creating solutions for many different industries and as a guide for the younger developers. I specialized in custom applications, databases, e-commerce sites, server administration, and application programming interfaces. 

Currently most of my work has been done within the Laravel Framework but I am no stranger to Magento (1.9 and 2), Codeigniter, PrestaShop, and plain old PHP. I have worked with MySQL, MariaDB, and MS SQL databases and have high availability knowledge from setting up location based systems that due to Government regulations, had to be always on. 

With an ever evolving landscape, I am constantly looking for new challenges. My philosophy is never stop learning so that I may continue to broaden my horizons. 

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