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Redesign, Redesign, Redesign

It has been a busy month around here for me as I've been working on a bunch of projects. I added to that workload when I set out to redesign my logo one morning and then had to redesign my website to fit it. 

The backbone of my site now stems from a system that I was contracted by Stellar Blue Webdesign to build. It was for Miron Construction and gives them the abilty to display all the projects they have worked on, along with adding new projects on their own. That has led to me adapting the system for a few other sites so I figured I do the same for my own. I added in a few other pieces from other sites I've worked on, slapped on a template that I designed, and now I have a new site. 

I'm still adding in all the projects I've worked on, along with a collection of my favorite photography, but I'm happy to have a new face for my business. It is a more minimalistic style than I usually go for, but I felt it was time to go for something a little different. 

So check out my portfolio and photography to see what I've been up to!